Sapiens – Sessions of Improving Scientific Studies

Sapiens is a workshop focused on improving articles by means of a discussion (at a round table) between authors and researchers experienced in the scientific areas of SemeAd. The aim of Sapiens is to use senior researchers’ experience to better direct and improve submitted papers, so that these can be sent to high impact national and/or international journals.

Rules for submission and acceptance:

  • Submission of articles to Sapiens is open to all of the scientific articles submitted to SemeAd. At the time of submission, the author should mark the option “I wish to submit the article to Sapiens and I am aware of the respective rules.”
  • Each author can submit only one article to Sapiens.
  • Acceptance of a paper will be subject to approval and recommendation by both blind reviewers of the article.
  • Up to two papers will be chosen for each theme from the scientific areas of SemeAd, prioritizing articles whose main author is a master’s or doctorate level postgraduate student.
  • The acceptance result will be announced in the restricted access area of the SemeAd portal.
  • To include their work in the session, at least one of the authors must be enrolled in SemeAd and take part in Sapiens.
  • The debate sessions will last between 30 and 45 minutes, in parallel with the SemeAd article presentation sessions.
  • IMPORTANT: The authors of the articles chosen for Sapiens must take part in both presentation events (Sapiens session and conventional presentation session). Participation in one does not mean exemption from participation in the other.