Submitted articles are evaluated by two reviewers via a double review system, where at least one of the reviewers holds the title of Professor. If there are marked discrepancies between the evaluations, a third opinion will be issued by a new reviewer. The designation of and guidance for the reviewers is an attribution of the coordinators of each area and of the subject leaders.

  • For academic articles (theoretical and empirical-theoretical), the following aspects are considered in the evaluation: context into which the research fits, description of the latest developments in the chosen topic, methodology and techniques applied, appropriateness, points of discussion of the results, and correct conclusion – in accordance with the proposed objectives.
  • For applied articles, the following factors are considered in the evaluation: structure, content, objectivity, clarity, and adherence to the chosen formatting standard.
  • For teaching cases, the following points will be considered during the evaluation process: clear definition of the topic, of the context, and of the players involved, contribution of the case to the area of knowledge, impartiality of the author(s), and quality of the teaching notes.