Applied Articles

Coordinator: Adilson Caldeira, PhD


Temas e Líderes:

Development and systematization of knowledge applied to management within the scope of public, health, and third sector organizations.

Leader: Ricardo Luiz Pereira Bueno, PhD (UNIFESP)

Assistant Leader: Sibelly Resch, PhD (UFMS)

Innovative business models and solutions to innovation and information technology management problems.

Leader: Fábio Lotti Oliva, PhD (FEA-USP)

Assistant Leader: Adriana Fumi Chim Miki, PhD (UFCG)

International Co-Leader: Miguel Pina Cunha, PhD (Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisboa)

Reports of experiences in analyzing, diagnosing, conceiving, and implementing strategies for the purpose of promoting competitiveness and development in organizations.

Leader: Eduardo Armando, PhD (Tecnológico de Monterrey – ITESM)

Assistant Leader: Marcio Shoiti Kuniyoshi, PhD (PUC-SP)

International Co-Leader: Evódio Laltenecker Retto de Queiroz, PhD (Tecnológico de Monterrey – ITESM, México)

Models and practices that improve people management in organizations.

Leader: Patricia Martins Fagundes Cabral, PhD (UNISINOS)

Assistant Leader: Clarissa Socal Cervo, PhD (UFF)

International Co-Leaders Team: Alyane Audibert Silveira, PhD (NOVA Information Management School) and Tânia Ferraro Gilaberte da Silva, PhD (Universidade Portucalense (Porto/ Portugal)

Models and tools applied to take advantage of opportunities and to solve financial and accounting problems in organizations.

Leader: Ana Lucia Fontes de Souza Vasconcelos, PhD (UFPE)

Assistant Leader: Liliane Cristina Segura, PhD (MACKENZIE)

International Co-Leader Team: Francisco Carreira, PhD and Pedro Pardal, PhD (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal); Rute Abreu, PhD (Instituto Politécnico da Guarda); José Lopez, PhD (Universidad de Sevilla) and Ana Borrego, PhD (Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre).

Practices concerning Corporate Social Responsibility, processes applied to gain efficiency in the use of resources, controlling environmental impacts, and managing sustainability in organizations.

Leader: Fábio Ytoshi Shibao, PhD (UNIB)

Assistant Leader: Mauricio Lamano Ferreira, PhD (UNASP - Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo)

International Co-Leader: Manuel Castelo Branco, PhD (Universidade do Porto, Portugal)

Reports of marketing actions in real situations faced in organizations, involving structural and strategic questions relating to consumer behavior, market segmentation, product positioning, price, distribution, and communication.

Leader: Vivian Iara Strehlau, PhD (ESPM)

Assistant Leader: Flavio Santino Bizarrias, PhD (UNINOVE)

International Co-Leader: Rodrigo Coimbra, PhD (Solbridge University – South Korea)

Operations management practices aimed at improving efficiency in services and production and logistics processes.

Leader: Leandro José Morilhas, PhD (FECAP)

Assistant Leader: Gleriani Torres Carbone Ferreira, PhD (FIA)