Prof. Emanuela Todeva


Dr. Emanuela Todeva, Ph.D. (Sociology) is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and International Business at the University of Surrey, UK. Emanuela is directing the Research Centre on Business Clusters, Networks & Economic Development (BCNED), developing a multi-stage cluster methodology for cluster mapping and comparative research on cluster development. Her recent research is focused on international business networks and business clusters, analysis and mapping of the health technology sector and the global information sector, as well as database management and analysis of industry agglomerations and Regional Centers of Excellence in particular in the health technology sector in the UK. Her publications address issues of cooperative business strategies, alliances and technology partnerships, corporate governance and restructuring of business networks in transition economies such as China, India, Central and Eastern Europe. Her most recent book on ‘Business Networks: Strategy and Structure’ has received a wide popularity among academics and business practitioners. Emanuela Todeva  teaches on Masters and executive programs ‘Strategic Management in a Global Context’ and  ‘Business in Europe’. She is also a leading member of the Triple Helix Association and The Competitiveness Institute.

Resumo da palestra: Regulation theories explain how governments in their decision-making capacity engage in framing the structure of incentives in socio-economic systems at macro-level, shaping strategic behaviour of all economic actors. We follow the process how regulatory interventions translate into governance mechanisms at mezzo-level and into inter-firm contract relationships and collaborative strategic behaviour at micro-level in business networks. We promote the idea of strategic optimisation across interconnected firms as a long-term value maximisation platform and an effective coordination tool.