LogoPPGA40AnosV1On November 4 2015, the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting (FEA) celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Graduate Program in Administration (PPGA). The Graduate Program in Administration of FEA (University of São Paulo) stands out among several Excellence Graduate Programs in Administration in Brazil according to CAPES, in which the Graduate Program reached the maximum score (7) over the last two trienniums (2010-2013).

Ever since its creation in 1975, the PPGA has already trained 671 Doctorate students, which correspond to a third of all trained Doctorate students in Brazil, and 1035 Master students. The purpose of the Graduate Program is to deepen activities related to research in the field of Administration. Both Master and Doctorate programs offered by FEA are strictly academic and free of any charge. The infrastructure of the research facilities are in an excellent state of conservation. New library facilities of FEA were installed and inaugurated in 2014, which covers an area of 5,000m² and has a total collection of 290,000 archives. The faculty is represented by 58 doctoral and postdoctoral scholars, who have a considerable involvement with scientific international research. The researches cover these specific areas: Economics, Strategy and Organizations, Finance, Personnel Management, Innovation and Technology Management, Internationalization, Marketing and Social and Environmental Responsibilities. Research projects have been funded and supported by government agencies, especially CAPES, CNPq and FAPESP. As result, one can notice the publication of several papers in important international journals.

The Program integrates and cooperates with other programs and research centers in the country and abroad. Annually, the Program allows and encourages the exchange of students who want to study abroad while stimulating the coming of students and professors from many other countries to FEA. Scientific and technological cooperation agreements with international institutions have strengthened the internationalization of the Program. In Brazil, regarding both social and educational perspectives, there are several agreements being established for the Interinstitutional Doctoral Program (DINTER), besides a DINTER already settled with the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM). Other graduate partnerships were established with ESPM, Mackenzie, Uninove and USCS.

Besides the creation of an annual conference – SemeAd, currently in its 18th edition –, the Administration Department and the PPGA are responsible for the management of two journals: Revista de Gestão (REGE) and Revista de Administração da USP (RAUSP). The PPGA is currently organizing the 2016 Annual AIB-LAT Conference (Latin-American Chapter of the Academy of International Business), which will take place between 18 and 20 February 2016 on the FEA Campus.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the PPGA, some scientific activities are scheduled for 4 November 2015:

08h00 – 08h30


09h00 – 09h30

Opening: USP Rector; FEA Director; Head of the EAD; PPGA Coordinator; FAPESP; CAPES; CNPQ

09h30 – 11h00

Panel I: “The future of graduate programs in business administration: design and impact metrics”

11h00 – 11h30


11h30 – 12h30

Tribute to PPGA former coordinators

12h30 – 14h00

Lunch break

14h00 – 15h30

Panel II: “Doing international research relevant for theory and practice”

15h30 – 16h00


16h00 – 16h30

Closing ceremony