SEMEAD-CONNECTA 2023 is an international meeting of researchers in Management/Administration that will take place during SemeAd 2023.

The event seeks to establish a connection between researchers from different universities around the world, promoting the formation of alliances for the development of teaching and research projects.

There are two connection possibilities:


The objective of this modality is to promote collaboration in research projects in the various areas of Management/Administration. The researchers report the open positions in their project team and seek interested parties, expanding their possibilities to increase their teams and extend the research to other geographical and cultural realities. The approved projects will be presented in sessions aimed at interaction between participants and possible interested parties with similar themes.


The objective of this modality is to promote alliances for the realization and sharing of workshops, courses and disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the different areas of Management/Administration. Those responsible for the subjects/courses/workshops inform about the possibilities open for the development and/or execution of teaching and pedagogical activities. In the selected processes, interaction sessions will be organized between promoters and potential stakeholders.

Start of submissions: 15/05/2023

End of submissions: 17/07/2023

Results and disclosure approved list: 12/09/2023