Fast Track

The Fast-Track process aims to bridge the gap between authors and editors of national and international scientific journals. SemeAd has a partnership with editors from more than 70 journals that are engaged in the “desk review” process of submitted works. 
At the time of submission of papers, authors can opt for SemeAd’s Fast-Track process and indicate, among the journals registered in the SemeAd database, those whose editorial coverage fits the theme of the work. In the case of Theoretical and Theoretical-Empirical Articles, authors may choose up to one journal in each stratum of the Qualis/Capes system. Applied Articles and Teaching Cases may opt for journals whose scope includes this type of work. 
The option for fast-track indicates to the evaluators of the works that the authors want to participate in the possibility of “desk review” by the editors of the periodicals. During the evaluation process, the evaluators classify the papers as eligible or ineligible for the fast-track process. Their editors can assess the work. Editors inform SemeAd of one of two verdicts: selected or not selected. In all cases, the shipping order from the papers to the journals follows the classification expressed by the authors, respecting the highest stratum of the Qualis/Capes system. When the work is rejected by the editor of a journal, it is directed to another editor of another journal, but with a lower quality score. We carry out this procedure until the last option is expressed by the author. 
If you wish to submit your work (article) to Fast-Track, you must access the work’s editing screen by the submission deadline (07/17/23).
When choosing the journals, the authors authorize the SemeAd team to forward their articles to the journal’s editors appreciation if they have been considered eligible for Fast-Track. 
SemeAd declares that it does not interfere in the selection or eligibility of jobs that go through the Fast-Track process. The works selected by the evaluators as eligible for Fast-Track are sent to the editors of the journals indicated by the authors, and, in this way, they go through the desk-review stage of this journal. Each work selected for Fast-Track will be referred to only one journal at a time. 
After the result of the selection of articles for Fast-Track, which will be announced at the SemeAd event, the authors will receive an email from SemeAd with the final date for sending the articles to the journals. The authors must then submit their articles to the journals. We suggest that the indications of improvements obtained by the process of evaluating the works in SemeAd be carried out in the articles in order to increase the probability of acceptance of the article in the journal. 
1) SemeAd does not guarantee the approval of the article in the journals. The articles selected by Fast-Track and submitted to the journals will be forwarded to the normal blind-review evaluation course, but without the desk-review stage (the article has already been approved at this stage by the editor himself when selecting and appreciating it). The journals are responsible for approving or disapproving the article. 
2) Authors should check the journal submission rules. 
3) SemeAd is not responsible for any unforeseen circumstances of any nature on the part of the journal. 
4) Authors must inform the editors, at the time of submission of articles in journals, that their articles were approved in SemeAd’s Fast-Track. This information must be included in the “information to editors” field or similar field, or even in an e-mail to the editors. 
5) It is the responsibility of the authors who wrote their articles in Portuguese and which were accepted by international journals to translate them into English according to the rules of the journal. 
New Event Journal Segmentation: SemeAd Ranking (SR1 – SR5)
With the purpose of promoting Semead’s Fast-Track process and considering that the classification was previously based on Qualis Capes criteria, which since 2016 have not been officially updated, the organization of the event defined its own segmentation into five (5) extracts ( SR1 – SR5), whose criteria are defined below: 
You can edit your submission (Title, Structured Abstract, Authors, and File) after submitting the work until the SemeAd submission deadline (07/17/23).
List of SemeAd Fast-Track magazines: