Adam Duhachek

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adam duhachek

Adam Duhachek
Keynote Speaker

Professor of Marketing
Nestlé-Hustad Professor of Marketing

PhD, Northwestern University
MS, Northwestern University
BA, University of Nebraska

Adam’s research interests emphasize two distinct themes. One research stream focuses on  understanding the nature of consumer coping processes, including specifying the role of consumption emotions and identifying a diverse set of consumer coping strategies and studying their effects on consumer behavior. The other addresses various issues of  consumer health and welfare, including improving the effectiveness of health messaging.

Publicações recentes:

  • Han, Da Hee, Adam Duhachek and Nidhi Agrawal (2014), “When Emotions Shape Construal Level: The Case of Guilt and Shame,” Journal of Consumer Research,  41(4): 1047-1064.
  • Poor, Morgan, Adam Duhachek and H. Shanker Krishnan (2013), “How Images of Other Consumers Influence Subsequent Taste Perceptions,” Journal of Marketing, vol. 77, issue 6, pages124-139.
  • Agrawal, Nidhi, DaHee Han, and Adam Duhachek (2013), “Emotional Agency Appraisals Influence Responses to Preference Inconsistent Information,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, vol. 120, issue 1, pages 87-97.
  • Poor, Morgan, Adam Duhachek and H. Shanker Krishnan (2012), “The Moderating Role of Emotional Differentiation on Satiation,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 22, No. 4, pp. 507-519.
  • Duhachek, Adam, Nidhi Agrawal, and DaHee Han (2012), “Guilt Versus Shame: Coping, Fluency, and Framing in the Effectiveness of Responsible Drinking Messages,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 49, No. 6, pp. 928-941.

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