Doctoral Consortium

Responsible: Prof. Felipe Mendes Borini, PhD


Responsible: Prof. Rafael Morais Pereira, PhD


The SemeAd Doctoral Consortium invites doctoral students to submit their Academic Doctoral Thesis proposals in the following areas: Entrepreneurship; Organizational Strategy; Organizational Studies; Finance; Innovation management; People management; Social and Environmental Management; and Marketing.
All submissions will be appreciated by the Consortium Coordinators and by the Leaders of each of the areas of the Doctoral Consortium. The most suitable submissions will be selected.
The activities of the Doctoral Consortium will be carried out exclusively in face-to-face modality, on 11/08 (Wednesday). The schedule of activities will be announced in due course. 
It is important to note that submissions follow the SemeAd schedule, with a submission deadline of 07/17.

Access the doctoral consortium submission rules​

Temas e Líderes:

Prof. Artur Tavares Vilas Boas Ribeiro, PhD – POLI/USP

Profa. Claudia Pinto, PhD – FEA/USP

Prof. Ilan Avrichir, PhD – ESPM

Prof. Carlos Domingues, PhD - UFU

Prof. Eduardo Kazuo Kayo, PhD – FEA/USP

Prof. Andre Luis Silva, PhD – FEA/USP

Prof. Rodrigo Bombonati de Souza Moraes, PhD – UFG

Prof. Maria Laura MacLennan, PhD – FEI

Prof. Ana Paula Franco Paes Leme Barbosa, PhD – POLI/USP

Prof. Otávio Bandeira De Lamônica Freire, PhD – EACH/USP