Coordinator: Wilson Toshiro Nakamura

Mackenzie Presbiterian University

Temas e Líderes:

Financial asset pricing models: CAPM, APT, Fama and French, Black-Scholes, binomial, among others. Portfolio theory. Market efficiency. Market anomalies. Financial bubbles. Risk and return. Market risk. Fund performance.

Leader: Ricardo Goulart Serra, PhD (INSPER)
Asistant Leader: Eli Hadad Junior,PhD (Universidade Mackenzie)
International Co-Leader: José Luis Ruiz Vergara, PhD (Universidade do Chile)

Ouça a descrição do tema:

Financial accounting. Taxation. International accounting standards. Accounting information quality. Accounts disclosure. Accounts auditing and corporate frauds. Accounting regulation. Government accounting. Integrated reporting and sustainability. Impact of technology on accounting and auditing. Big data and blockchain applied to accounting and auditing. Education and research in financial accounting. Ethics and professional training in financial accounting. History of accounting. Emerging topics in accounting for external users.

Leader: Márcia Bianchi,PhD (UFRGS)
Assitant Leader: Vagner Antonio Marques, PhD (UFES)
International Co-Leader: Profa. Isabel Lourenço (ISCTE-IUL)

Management accounting and controllership. Management information system. Cost analysis and management. Performance assessment and rewards. Budgetary planning. Tax planning and management. Education and research in management accounting and controllership. Ethics and professional training in management accounting and controllership. Emerging topics in accounting for internal users.

Leader: Daniel Magalhães Mucci,PhD (FEA/USP)
Assitant Leader: Graciela Dias Coelho Jones, PhD (UFU)
International Co-Leader: Rodrigo Silva de Souza, PhD (University of Roehampton, ROEHAMPTON, Inglaterra.)

Determinants of corporate investment. Financial constraints. Sensitivity of investment to different types of risk. Investment analysis techniques. Capital budget.

Leader: Prof. Johnny Silva Mendes (FAAP)
Assistant Leader: Vagner Naysinger Machado (UFSM)
International Co-Leader: Jorge Eduardo Scarpin, PhD (Concordia College - Moorhead, Offutt School of Business)

Capital structure. Cost of capital. Dividends policy. Share issuances. Debt issuances. IPOs. Evaluating companies. Value generation. Financial restructuring. Mergers and acquisitions. Private equity. Venture capital. Intangibles.

Leader: Bolivar Godinho de Oliveira Filho,PhD (UNIFESP)
Assitant Leader: Kelvia Carneiro de Linhares Fernandes Passos
International Co-Leader: Pedro Verga Matos (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão da Universidade de Lisboa (ISEG)

Prospect theory or perspectives. Heuristics and cognitive biases. accounting mind. herd effect. Disposition effect. Framing effect. Optimism bias. Overconfidence. intertemporal choice. Choice architecture. Push theory.

Leader: Fernanda Maciel Peixoto, PhD (UFU)
Assitant Leader: Denis Forte, PhD (Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie)
International Co-Leader: João Paulo da Torre Vieito,PhD (Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo)

Financial planning. Financial control. Working capital management. Short-term asset management. Short-term liabilities management. Credit analysis. Personal finance. Insurance and pensions.

Leader: Fabio Gallo Garcia, PhD (EAESP/FGV)
Assistant Leader: Bianca Quirantes Checon, PhD (EAESP/FGV)
International Co-Leader: Profa. Isabel Lourenço (ISCTE-IUL)

Corporate governance practices. Principles of corporate governance: transparency, equity, accountability, corporate responsibility. Agency theory. Agency conflicts. Agency costs. Corporate governance mechanisms. Board of Directors. Fiscal Council. Independent auditing. Investor relations. Executive pay. Ownership structure. Minority shareholder rights. Compliance. Internal controls. Corporate risk management. Ethical code. Company reputation.

Leader: Talles Vianna Brugni, PhD (USCS/UNIP)
Assistant Leader: Bruna Camargos Avelino, PhD (UFMG)
International Co-Leader: Richard LeBlanc,PhD (York University) and Harvard University (Summer and Winter Courses - Corporate Governance)