Pre-Doctoral Consortium

Dear participants,

This year we will have the 6th. edition of the Preparation Seminar for Doctoral Selection Processes!

Masters and Master’s students nearing the end of their course and who are planning to pursue a doctorate will have the opportunity to submit their thesis pre-projects in order to receive suggestions and contributions from professors of Graduate Programs partners of SemeAd.

The authors of the selected projects will have an individual coaching session with the professor who evaluated the project, during which they will receive tips for improving the project.

In addition, we will have a clarification lecture on the selection processes, in which the speakers will bring general information about preparation for participation in the selections.

Be sure to submit your projects to the Preparation Seminar for Doctoral Selection Processes – 2023 Edition

Participating Teachers

Aline Bento Ambrosio Avelar – USCS –
Edson Keyso de Miranda Kubo  USCS –
Fatima Bayma de Oliveira – FGV – 
Leonardo Nelmi Trevisan  PUC/SP –  
Luísa Veras De Sandes Guimarães – USCS –  
Marcos Antônio Gaspar – UNINOVE –  
Mauro Luiz Marten  UNIP – 
Pedro Lucas de Resende Melo  UNIP – 
Renato Telles – USCS –  
Taiane Ritta Coelho  UFPR –
Wilson Toshiro Nakamura  MACKENZIE –