Online and Face-to-face Work Presentations

This year, the presentation of works at SemeAd will take place online and in person. For this, some information will be presented below.

General Instructions for Online and Face-to-Face Paper Presentations

The presentation of papers and their discussion in the session will last 8 minutes each. Afterwards, there will also be a debate on the works considering the theme of the session, common points, and new considerations of the articles. The presentation session will last a total of 90 minutes (1 hour and a half). To learn more about the dynamics of online sessions, access our Online Sessions tab.

Each presentation must be recorded by the author and sent via the SemeAd platform. The maximum length of a video is 8 minutes. The software and video recording modes are presented in the PowerPoint and Zoom Video Production Tutorials, presented below. NOTE: We suggest using Spoken PowerPoint or Zoom to record videos. But the author can use other software if he wants. However, these other programs should produce videos with good quality (Full HD-1080p is indicated) and an extension of.mp4.

Once recorded, the presentation video of the work must be made available on YouTube in the “Not Listed” mode (see the Video Insertion Tutorial on Youtube, below). After generating the video link on YouTube, it must be added to the SemeAd platform (see Tutorial below).

  • Videos must be added to the SemeAd System by 10/10.

Instructions for submitting work online:

On the days of the presentations, the presence of at least one author (author-presenter) of the work in the session will be required. So that there are no delays, we request the presence of the author-presenter in the virtual room at least 5 minutes in advance. Authors with approved and registered papers assume the commitment that at least one of them will attend the event and present the approved paper. The certificate of presentation of the work will be given to the authors-presenters. That is, those authors who signed up for the event, attended the virtual session, and presented their work.

We recommend that session participants view the videos prior to the presentation of papers and bring their contributions to be discussed in the session with the other authors. There is no possibility of prior choice by the authors of the date and time of presentation of the works. The schedule will follow the planning carried out by SemeAd’s Scientific Coordination.

Instructions for presenting work in person:

The presentation of theoretical essays, theoretical-empirical articles, and applied articles will last 8 minutes, and teaching cases will last 8 minutes. After the presentation, there will be a brief time for discussion of the work.

The presentation of scientific articles, technological reports, and teaching cases must be in PowerPoint, and the format of the presentation is free. It is recommended to bring the presentation on a USB stick and, for security, have a copy in your personal email.

So that there is no delay in the presentations, we request the presence of the author-presenter in the room 5 minutes in advance to prepare the presentation.

Important: We recommend that participants read the papers in their session in advance and bring their contributions to be discussed with the other authors.


1) Registration is individual and non-transferable.

2) Video recording does not exclude the need to present the work on the day of your presentation session. In other words, the author(s) must be present at the online session of their work and participate in it.

3) The production of videos must be carried out for the approved articles and also for the Doctoral Consortium. For the Preparation Seminars for the Doctoral Selection Process, this recording is not necessary.

Presentation Template

Click here to download the suggested template for the slide presentation.


Zoom Video Production Tutorial

See tutorial

PowerPoint Video Production Tutorial

See tutorial

Tutorial for inserting a presentation video on YouTube and inserting a YouTube link to the SemeAd platform.