The works (articles) submitted to SemeAd go through the SemeAd evaluation process. The professors responsible for coordinating the areas and themes choose the reviewers of the articles. Evaluators receive guidance on the evaluation criteria. Two evaluators are chosen for each work submitted. One of the evaluators must be a doctor and have a deep understanding of the submission topic. Those appraised are called reviewers who work in a system double review and blind review (no access to authors’ names). If the results of the evaluations show marked divergences regarding the evaluation criteria, a third reviewer is invited to evaluate the work. Area coordinators are responsible for finalizing the evaluation process.

The evaluation factors are specific to each type of submission.

For academic articles (theoretical and empirical theoretical) the factors are: (1) coherence between the research context the research question and the identification of potential academic, managerial and social contributions, (2) quality of presentation of the “state-of-the-art” of the chosen topic, (3) adequacy of the used methodology and applied techniques, (4) quality of the presentation of the results, discussion of the results and conclusion (5) Coherence of the discussion of the results with the research question and the proposed objectives.

For applied articles, the factors are: (1) suitability of the structure, (2) coherence of content presentation with the objectives, (3) objectivity and clarity in the description, (4) adherence to the chosen formatting norm.

For teaching cases, the factors are: (1) clear definition of the theme, context and actors involved, (2) contribution of the case to the area of ​​knowledge, (3) impartiality of the author(s) and ( 4) quality of teaching grades.

Join the SemeAd reviewers team

If you are a Doctor or PhD student, you can register as a volunteer evaluator for SemeAd, access the system, click on Profile > Update Registration. At the end of the form you will have the option to choose the area and theme you want to evaluate works.