Coordinator: Vânia Maria Jorge Nassif


Assistant Coordinator Eduardo Vilas Boas, PhD

Faculdade Sebrae

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Temas e Líderes:

The figure of the entrepreneur, which includes various aspects related to their actions, such as analyses of the profile of entrepreneurs, their personality, behavior, and entrepreneurial actions.

Innovative entrepreneurship; startup companies based on the intensive use of knowledge, companies that explore innovative business models, technology-based companies, as well as those that engage in the management of incubators and technology parks; Risk capital and angel investments focusing on innovative companies.

Leader: Prof. Dr. Everton Luís Pellizzaro by Lorenzi Cancellier (ESAG/UDESC)
Assitant Leader: Alexandre Moraes Ramos,PhD (UFSC)
International Co-Leader: Dr. Luísa Cagica Carvalho (Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal)

Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation; Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship; Social Entrepreneurs; Social Entrepreneurship and its interface with Governments and Companies; Sustainable Business, Social Business, Inclusive, Social and Impact Business, Impact Finance; Social Technologies.

Leader: Prof. Dr. Edson Sadao Iizuka (FEI University Center)
Assitant Leader: Veronica Macário,PhD (UFCG)
International Co-Leader: Dr. Jacinto Jardim (Open University of Portugal)

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Part of this theme are articles about entrepreneurs who organize themselves collectively in "business networks", aiming at strengthening their performance both regionally and internationally. Studies on entrepreneurship involving territorial issues related to "regional development", "entrepreneurial ecosystem", "institutional environment for entrepreneurship" and "international business" are of interest. In addition to discussions on the competitive particularities of "microenterprises".

Leader: Prof. Dr. Pedro Lucas de Resende Melo (UNIP and PUC-SP)
Assitant Leader : Victor Ragazzi Isaac,PhD (Senac)
International Co-Leader: Dr. Antonio Fernández-Portillo (University of Extremadura)