What does it mean to be a SemeAd Volunteer?

It means being part of a community that transforms research and practices in the field of administration in Brazil.

It means being connected to other students and professors of postgraduate programs in Brazil as actors of transformation.

It is to be the strength of one of the biggest management events in Brazil and Latin America.


In 2022, we impacted around 4,000 authors, 1,800 reviewers, 1,300 congress participants, 75 journal editors, 42 representatives of international institutions, 233 Brazilian institutions, and all this only happened with the support of approximately 400 volunteers.

The 2022 volunteers masterfully handled the challenge of dealing with one of the first and most complex of the hybrid events that involved the following activities:


The 26th edition of SemeAd innovates by establishing the volunteer program called SemeAd Ambassadors.

There are more than 40 students from postgraduate programs in Business Administration in Brazilian institutions, indicated by the program coordinators to publicize the benefits of the event in their institutions.

We want to impact all regions of the country through the activities and opportunities generated in SemeAd.

Pre-Doctoral Consortium: opportunity for masters and master’s students to submit their doctoral pre-projects in order to receive assistance and guidance from professors at SemeAd partner institutions.
Doctoral Consortium: improvement of doctoral thesis projects.
Paper Submission Sessions: Authors have the opportunity to receive feedback on their papers and research.
Sapiens – Improvement of Scientific Articles for Publication: the objective is to contribute with the experience of senior researchers for a better forwarding and improvement of submitted works, so that they are sent to high impact national and/or international journals
Workshops, workshops and short courses: activities aimed at in-depth discussion of research topics, as well as practices to improve research and training in the most advanced techniques that will allow conducting research and publishing high-impact articles.
Fast Tracks: authors have the possibility of having their articles indicated for desk review in more than 73 national and international academic journals.

INTERNACIONALIZATION activities that connect researchers from all over the world:

  • Conecta: submission of projects that generate opportunities for connections between researchers from different universities in Brazil and around the world to develop joint research and exchange teaching practices.
  • Lectures with Business speakers: lectures by entrepreneurs and strategic managers of organizations recognized for the quality of their management.
  • Lectures with Business speakers: lectures by entrepreneurs and strategic managers of organizations recognized for the quality of their management.
  • Meeting with editors of international journals: virtual sessions with journal editors that explain how to evaluate submitted articles, the positioning of the journal and tips to increase your chances of success in the peer review process.

Be a SemeAd volunteer and take advantage of opportunities impacting researchers from Brazil and the world!


You can act as an Area Leader, supporting the Topic Leader professors or as a Session Leader, supporting the operation of different activities such as a paper presentation session, Sapiens session, workshops, workshops and short courses, Conecta, Pre-doctoral Consortia and doctoral studies, sessions with Business Speakers and Keynote Speakers.

The Area Leader must be a student of the postgraduate programs of the higher education institutions that partner with SemeAd, which are: Mackenzie, Unip, Universidade de São Caetano do Sul (USCS), Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (UAM), FEA-RP, FECAP, FIA, ESPM and UNINOVE and invited programs (UFC, UFPE, UFPB, UFPR, CEPEAD/UFMG and UFLA).

The Session Leader must be a student of the graduate programs of Brazilian institutions recognized by CAPES.

SemeAd 2023 will be held in a hybrid format. When signing up, you will be able to choose between being a face-to-face volunteer or a virtual volunteer.



In addition to all the benefits of interaction and knowledge, volunteers receive a certificate of participation and free registration for the event.


Sign the Volunteer Agreement committing to the activities and making your time available.

  • Participate in meetings and trainings that precede the event.
  • Be present in all activities of the event that you undertake.
  • Publicize the event in your communities.
  • Act ethically and responsibly, taking care of the people and physical and virtual spaces under its command.
  • Respect the guidelines of teachers and students who lead the activities in which the volunteer is involved.
  • Work as a team and for the team.

Motto of the SemeAd volunteer:

“We look for solutions. Tell us how we can help.”


Volunteers who stand out in different activities will be recognized by the criteria of: (1) empathy, (2) promptness (3) technical efficiency, (4) punctuality (5) attendance. The evaluation will be carried out by session moderators, volunteers and congress participants, using the Volunteer Performance Evaluation form.

More Informations

Section SemeAd

session org chart

The work presentation sessions last 1h30 and have the participation of 3-4 authors, a professor who moderates discussions about the work and a Session Supporter who will control the dynamics of the session as described in figure 1.

Role of each session participant


The Theme Leader is responsible for:

  • Organize work sessions in your area.
  • Send invitations to your network in order to assemble a committed team of evaluators.
  • Receive work submitted to SemeAd and check that the work complies with the submission rules
  • Submit the works within the submission rules for the evaluators.
  • Monitor the evaluation process, ensuring compliance with deadlines by the evaluators.
  • Act on divergences and final evaluation of the works.
  • Appoint the Moderators of the sessions for the presentation of approved papers and of the Sapiens sessions.
  • Moderate the session in case of absence of the Moderator.
  • Be available and present during the three days of SemeAd (11/08, 09 and 10/2023).



The Session Moderator is a professor appointed by the Theme Leader with academic experience in the session topic.

The moderator is responsible for:

  • Read the designated articles in your session.
  • Foster the debate of the works during the session through questions and comments to the different authors.
  • Evaluate the Session Leader’s performance at the end of the session through the Evaluation of Volunteer Performance.


ROLE OF THE AREA LEADER (Former Nucleus Leader)

After your voluntary registration indicating your area of ​​interest, the Area Leader is chosen by the coordinator monitors and volunteers with the support of Theme Leaders to act in the organization of volunteers who will act as Session Leaders.

The Area Leader can be designated to work in specific activities such as Keynote Speakers sessions, Business Speakers, Pre and Doctoral Consortiums, Sapiens sessions and sessions to present the Area’s work.

There is a Live Area Leader and a Virtual Area Leader.

The Virtual Area Leader is responsible for allocating the sessions in the virtual rooms and training the Session Leaders team, to ensure the proper functioning of the sessions according to the event schedule.

The Onsite Area Leader is responsible for allocating the sessions in the physical rooms and training the Session Leaders team, to ensure the proper functioning of the sessions according to the event schedule.

The Area Leader is responsible for:

  • Make the dialogue between the teachers, Theme Leaders and session Moderators.
  • Participate in meetings and training before the event with the SemeAd organizing team of monitors.
  • Conduct training with Session Leaders in your area, scheduling and carrying out training according to the schedule collectively established by all Area Leaders.
  • Be available at session times in your area of ​​interest.
  • Replacing a Session Leader who may not show up or have some difficulty at the session time.
  • Be available during the three days of SemeAd (11/08, 09 and 10/2023).


The Session Leader works to support the work presentation sessions, Sapiens, with Keynote Speakers, Business Speakers, Conecta, Pre and Doctoral Consortium.

The Session Leader is responsible for:

  • Participate in meetings and training organized by the Area Leader.
  • Manage and time session presentations.
  • Advise the session moderator professor and, in his eventual absence, moderate the session.
  • Read the session articles under your responsibility, preparing questions and constructive comments to enrich the debate on the papers presented.
  • Be available during the three days of SemeAd (11/08, 09 and 10/2023).

The Virtual Session Leader must have access to a computer and a stable internet connection.

All volunteers are assisted by the team of monitors from the SemeAd organizing committee. Especially by the Monitor Coordinator and by the Monitor of Volunteers.

Role of the Volunteer Monitor

The Volunteer Monitor has the role of supporting all volunteer teachers and students at SemeAd.

The Volunteer Monitor is a monitor from the FEAUSP administration department who participates in the event organization team. And you have the responsibility to:

  • Take care of the volunteers contributing so that everyone can have a good experience supporting the different activities and congressmen.
  • Ensure compliance with the schedule regarding volunteering activities, from recruitment and selection to performance evaluation.
  • Send invitation emails to the coordinators of the associated universities to publicize the vacancies available for Area Leaders.
  • Disseminate on SemeAd’s social networks about the participation and importance of volunteering for SemeAd.
  • Conduct welcome meetings with all volunteers.
  • Assist in the allocation of volunteers in the sessions and in their operation.
  • Coordinate volunteers so that all sessions occur properly.
  • Be available during the three days of SemeAd (11/08, 09 and 10/2023).

Registration open, access the system and sign up