Public Administration



Assistant Coordinator José Carlos Vaz, PhD


Temas e Líderes:

Management in health covers initiatives in the public and private sectors. This topic considers health policies as well as initiatives in the organizational field, particularly within the sphere of health service provision and in the supply of health products (within the context known as the health industrial complex). Thus, the papers cover various elements of management applied to the health sector, considered according to different aspects of analysis, such as the economic, social, and technological dimensions.

The management of public organizations is the central object of this topic, from both a theoretical and an empirical viewpoint. This field includes studies on public sector governance, human resources in public organizations, organizational design, institutional arrangements for the production of services, and public policies. It also covers papers on institutional and government capacities and papers on approaches, methods, and cases regarding strategic management in public organizations.

Leader: João Luiz Passador, PhD (FEA-RP-USP)
Assistant Leader: Cláudia Souza Passador, PhD (FEA-RP-USP)

This topic covers work on social management and third sector organizations, management and training models, service quality, management and transmission of knowledge, networks of civil society organizations, and third sector ethics. The relationships between organizations and social development are of interest to the theme, in subjects such as evaluating social projects, social businesses, and inter-sector relationships (state, private sector, and third sector organizations). Articles are also encouraged that discuss topics from Organizational Studies in third sector organizations.

Leader: Roberto Sanches Padula, PhD (PUC-SP)

This topic covers theoretical studies and empirical analyses in the field of public resource management, from an economic, financial, and budgetary viewpoint. The desired focus is on resource use optimization, based on the perspective that this permanent objective of Public Management can be achieved via multiple strategies, ranging from improving processes to innovation in financial and budgetary management.

Assistant Leader: Lizandro Lui (FGV - EPPG)

The Brazilian Public Administration faces demands and dilemmas in terms of governance, transparency, accountability, and social participation in decision-making processes. In a complex society, the State increasingly needs to relate with civil society organizations and with citizens. Papers will be accepted under this topic that address this relationship from a Public Administration viewpoint, discussing the impacts of practices and experiences and the sociopolitical dynamics established between the players involved.

Leader: Oswaldo Gonçalves Júnior, PhD (UNICAMP)
Assistant Leader: Renê Birochi, PhD (UFSC)

Leader: José Carlos Vaz, PhD (EACH-USP)
Assistant Leader: Manuella Maia Ribeiro, PhD (FGV-EAESP)