Connecta Schedule

Dia 09/11 – 11h às 12:30 – Abertura
  • Participantes: Adriana Backx, Luísa Carvalho e Duarte Brasil
Dia 10/11 – 11h às 12:30 – Connecta Plenária: “O tema é internacionalização”
  • Patricia Milanés Montero – Convidada
  • Ana Dias – Convidada
  • Adriana Backx – Moderação
  • Luísa Carvalho – Moderação

Dia 10/11 – 14:30 às 15:30 – Connecta Apresentação 1
Dia 11/11 – 10:30 às 11:30 – Connecta Apresentação 2
Dia 11/11 – 14:30 às 15:30 – Connecta Apresentação 3
Dia 12/11 – 10:30 às 11:30 – Connecta Apresentação 4
Dia 12/11 – 14:30 às 15:30 – Connecta Apresentação 5

SemeAd-Connecta 2021 is an international conference of Management/Administration researchers. It is yet another one of the various activities that will be carried out during SemeAd 2021.

The event seeks to connect researchers from different universities of the world, encouraging partnerships that will contribute to the development of teaching and research projects.



The objective here is to promote partnerships in research projects in the different areas of Management/Administration. Researchers inform open positions in their teams and seek out interested parties, expanding possibilities to improve these teams and extend their research to other geographic and cultural realities. The projects approved will be presented in sessions oriented to interaction between participants and possible partners with similarity of themes.


The objective is to promote partnerships to conduct the realization and sharing of workshops, courses and disciplines at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in areas of Management/Administration. Those responsible for the subjects/courses/workshops inform the possibilities open for the development and/or realization of teaching and pedagogical activities. Sessions will be organized to create interaction between promoters and possible partners for the projects that are approved.


  • Each participant could submit only one project in each category.
  • Click in each category below to know how to proceed to your submission.

Important Dates

Opening date for submissions: 05/31/2021

Closing date for submissions: 07/25/2021

Results and announcement of approved papers: 09/14/2021