People Management

Coordinator: Heliani Berlato, PhD


Temas e Líderes:

Career types and trends. Career management and succession. Expatriation. Coaching and mentoring. Generations of professionals.

Leader: Elza Fátima Rosa Veloso, PhD (FIA)

International Co-Leader: Jesús Barrena Martínez, PhD (Universidad de Cádiz - Espanha)

People management and team leadership, focusing on psychosocial phenomena such as identity and diversity, stress and quality of life, workplace relations, and the psychological contract, among other elements of human interaction and behavior in organizations.

Leader: Lucia Barbosa de Oliveira, PhD (FGV/EBAPE)

International Co-Leader: Ana M. Rocha, PhD (Universidade Católica de Angola)

Convergences and divergences between the theoretical frameworks and the policies, models, and practices for managing people that are institutionalized or not, within the context of organizations, depending on the size of the company. Policies, models, and practices for improving people management and its functions, such as recruitment, selection, performance management, workplace hygiene and safety, evaluating results, as well as reformulating the people management area in organizations and the processes for communication between members of the organization and management by competences.

Leader: Kely Cesar Martins de Paiva, PhD (UFMG)

Assistant Leaders Team: Fabiula Meneguete Vides da Silva, PhD (UFAM) and Mirian Serrão Vital, PhD (UEA)

International Co-Leader: Teresa Proença, PhD (Universidade do Porto)

Work, its meaning (or absence of it), and the ways organizations seek quality of life, satisfaction, forms of recognition, and rewards. We welcome critical approaches and reflections regarding the individual-organization and individual-work relationships.

Leader: Andréa Leite Rodrigues, PhD (EACH-USP)

Assistant Leader: Jesuína Ferreira, PhD (UNIFBV-WYDEN)

New trends in People Management, covering a critical perspective of the discourses and modisms that the theme involves.

Leader: Marcelo Antonio Treff, PhD (PUC-SP)

Assistant Leader: Renato Koch Colomby, PhD (IFPR)

Critical perspectives regarding human resources processes and their applicability, human insecurity, rational and substantive.

Leader: Jair do Nascimento, PhD (UNIFACS/UNEB)

Assistant Leader: Jefferson Rodrigues Pereira, PhD (Centro Universitário Unihorizontes)

International Co-Leader: Maria José Sousa, PhD (ISCTE Business School Lisboa)

Questions related to gender, LGBTQI, PCDs, intersectionalities, masculinities, femininities, queer theory, and work-non work relationship.

Leader: Ana Heloisa da Costa Lemos, PhD (IAG/PUC-RIO)

International Co-Leader: Gina Gaio Santos, PhD (Universidade do Minho/Portugual)