SemeAd Release

Note to the SemeAd community:

             Initially, we would like to thank you for your massive submission of papers.

We achieved 2,136 submissions for papers alone, a normal volume for SemeAd standards. There is no need to increase submissions in order to a full realization of SemeAd 2021. Although, for total transparency, we inform you that there was a 9% reduction compared to submissions on last year, when 2,348 articles were received.

SemeAd has always met its schedule and excels in the organization. Previously there were no cases of extension of submissions.

This year, on the eve of closing the submissions, we received numerous extension requests, by email, in the support chat and on social networks. After consulting the majority of SemeAd Coordinators, the support for an extended submission period was clear.

SemeAd recognizes the difficult time we are living in due to the pandemic. In our academic area, we are experiencing several extensions, such as information from Coleta Capes, extensions of funding resources, qualifications and defense deadlines for projects, among others. We understand that much of the community is exhausted and struggling to meet these multiple deadlines. In order not to be insensitive and inflexible with the current situation, we are responding to requests from the community, so that they can make improvements to the papers already submitted and complete the submissions of some more.

Due to the above, the submission and the permission for updates of submitted papers is extended until 08/01/2021, maximum limit in order to not compromise the evaluation process. In anticipation of meeting the wishes of our community,


SemeAd General Coordination

Open for Submissions.