Submission Process on Fast-Track

Path of Submissions

Important Informations:

  1. Authors agree that, by choosing their preferencial journals, they allow SemeAd to forward their articles for review by journal’s editors.
  2. Each paper approved on Fast-Track will be nominated for only one journal (following the preferencial order).
  3. SemeAd does not guarantee any approval of the article in journals. Articles selected by Fast-Track and sent to journals will follow the normal blind-review evaluation, but without the desk-review step. Journals are responsible for the approval or disapproval of the article for publication.
  4. Authors should check and follow the journal submission rules.
  5. SemeAd is not responsible for any unforeseen events of any nature on the part of the journal.
  6. Authors must inform editors, when submitting articles to journals, that their articles have been approved in SemeAd’s Fast-Track. This information must be included in the “Information to Editors” field, any similar or eventually by e-mail to the editors.
  7. Articles written in Portuguese must be translated into English. Following the rules of the journal (The Special Issues area will only accepts submissions in English).
  8. We use the latest official classification from Qualis/Capes, following the 2013-2016 Quadrennium (